Truth of Propaganda

Good evening. I am Vlad the Impaler. I know I was telling this joke last time on this pages. Still, still, not to worry, I am not coming here for ramming spike of virility inside precious American pussy like on some popular people grooming show.

Happy is he with opportunity to make propaganda party for the American friends. For this I am choosing new foto. Is from TIME magazine only few weeks ago. They were telling me to make like fetchy starlet from olden times. You like?

Speaking of studio property, is funny to Russian men in model trade business to see human resource can escape from shipping container at port in land of opportunity and rise all the way to get big job as wife of Yankee trailer park billionaire. The American Dream is alive and breathing! And let’s be honest, kicking and screaming.

Ah, but I make joke! In real reality tele-vision, the wife of first trailer park President can get America’s Top Job. All she need is America’s most disgusting pig to shatter glass ceiling all over the people in big bloody mess of election and she is shoo-in.

Here at Kremlin we take for serious propaganda. In this way I am proud of being in the US second most unpopular man against your very own runner up for leader of free world. Imagine little boy from Leningrad!

Okay, I was over moon already as TIME Man of Year 2007. By same token on other hand, disappointed photographer from magazine was not here for making me member of two time club. But being villain is something. And is only propaganda. Maybe best the world will ever know. As young man in KGB, forever was I jealous of your freedom of propaganda. Communist model was always the amateur!

Still today, in Russia we shoot bringer of bad news right on street in cold blood. In America such man only must sometimes suicide. Less and less is this necessary. Mostly, all the truth printing to fit is too much for reader to get into head. True, your next President has only bad news, but buried so deep is all of this leaks, and all Democrat must to say is “Putin wants Trump for President”.

This is action packed American ironic times. The leaks are saying the Party of Clinton is wanting this Trump more than own GOP. Here is quote from Podest mailbox:

“We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously.”.

But honest between us, I can tell you it is only first at this moment I make valid truth of American version of story. But I only spread this news now by linking. Okay, so maybe Russian are hacking. Everyone is hacking. Is standard job of world leader — both free world and expensive world — to have sometimes ignorance of secret operation. Anyway, I have no time. I have bigger bears to wrestle. Big as US bombs.

Here I give you free foggy footnote version of history, you decide is truth or propaganda:

—In 1970s, it was for Afghanistan to beat back big bad Russian bear with help of Democrat and Republican coalition from US, only one day for ungrateful Mujahideen to become Yankee 9/11 anti-hero. Truth or propaganda?

—After World Trade Center event changed world to never forget, Democrat and Republican coalition return to take Taliban territory for freeing the school children from Islamic Hitler. Then Iraqi Hitler. Then all US Democrats say Republican Iraqi Hitler was lie. He was more like Franco.

Yankee Senator says good to get rid of Franco,  but makes apology anyway, becomes Secretary of War and kills Libya Mussolini. Ungrateful fascist Libyan join Iraqi acronym called ISIS or maybe ISIL. ISIS hates US freedom. Truth or propaganda?

—Next American President wants Syria rebels to make Assad ex-President against wish of Russian bear who ruins peace in Syria and democracy in America. Also she wants to fight the ISIS. Truth or Propaganda?

Either way, is US version. Does Putin want Trump for President? How can I want what is not to be?

This Donald is best rival for Mrs. Clinton. Of course they pied piper this Pied Piper. Is only smart business. All the media is saying guy is raping the women on every corner and making the people to riot in the streets. Some even say, “Hey, stop the race, Donald!”

Only problem is deplorable foxy news channel still has commercial for third debate. This commercial is funny like for sports contest. Of course, commercial is during sports contest. All business is like sports contest and the American is the one to do steroid. So the rapist must stay to make more money for everyone. Endplan Clinton.

If this guy is choice of Pied Piper from Party of Clinton, then Party of Clinton must know what it is doing. So what if proletariat looks little bit like mass of scary rage. Not to worry, American comrades. These deplorable redneck are easy for FBI to shadow. What is worst that could happen?


From the Mailbag: “But Trump must be real!”

Yes. Trump and Santa Clause. My letters are a rarity, but here’s one:

How can you witness [Trump’s] unhinged attacks on [Clinton] and still maintain that he is a plant? He’s actually claimed that the election is rigged (if he loses) and most recently called for her imprisonment [for christ’s sake]! Say what you will about [Clinton] but it is hardly credible that her campaign would risk the instability of the entire country to achieve victory in the election. If [Trump] was still only making racist and sexist comments, sure. But he is behaving like an insurrectionist.

This is a fair question. It’s also not something I haven’t considered. Just to get it out of the way, however, let me state that I am not married to my theory that Donald Trump is a willful participant in a charade to get Clinton elected. And I wouldn’t call it my theory except that I came up with it independent of others, and that the others who weren’t just entertaining idle thought experiments have either failed to expand on the idea, or as convenient as the winds of their mood forgotten it in subsequent electoral analysis, or abandoned the idea altogether. I, on the other hand, have not forgotten that he’s a fake and can see it at every seemingly twisted turn.

That my theory rests on no provable ground is not something I am unaware of. Aside from their past relationship (cozy, convenient and/or coincidental) or their mutual acquaintances (of shared interest or inconsequential), I have little to indicate they have mutually agreed to set this thing up. Moreover, circumstantial evidence would seem to hint as much to a one-sided arrangement – from former President Bill Jeff Bubya’s encouraging Don to run, to the more recent revelation that the campaign sought to bolster him at the expense of most of the others in his primary.

In fact, much of my suspicion is based on my perception that an extremely well-known carnival-barking snake-oil salesman has arrived in town to run for mayor of Chi-ville when it just so happens that his rival — a barnstorming, former carpet-bagging Senator of State, come home to claim her birthright — is the most unpopular candidate in these parts-, well, forever, but one who just happens to have the deep-pocketed support of everyone from the Beheaders of Wasteland to the notoriously corrupt Chi-ville Combine of Mayoral Engineering.

That the huckster used to heap praise on his opponent for her job as both Senator and Secretary of State, has donated to her family 501-see-thru, and has shared an affinity with her husband for the Island Village of Child Rearing is the tail-side of the coin — their private position, barely but decisively buried beneath their campaign against each other, which is the very public one. That he wouldn’t know her ascendancy is assured more with him than without is inconceivable to me.

I have no problem with those who just don’t see it, though I can’t take them seriously if they don’t recognize how much Trump’s candidacy bolsters not just the Clinton campaign but also, by counter-default, advocates for the American position versus Russia in Syria, and renders invisible the US carte blanche behavior in the war on terror.

It’s somehow typical yet bazaar that the world in which the billions in American-made killing machinery that continue to contribute to US war crimes (most recently, there’s an admission by default in Yemen) is just a footnote to the 24/7 coverage of the former host of The Apprentice.

Less serious, however, are people who say they think Trump is a plant gone rogue, which to me means they’re too polite to call the theory bunk, while still wanting to have a reason to fear the rightwing reaper so as to be with her. Which is why I say it’s only by the wildest stretch of the imagination that Trump is the worse of these two evils, and that this wild stretch is the purpose of his campaign.


In the minds of many merely casually acquainted with it, conspiracy theory lurks in the lair of the likes of Alex Jones. Its ridicule manifests in pithy sentences conflating a one-size-fits-all potpourri of insanity with an unspoken understanding in spite of all evidence & even the occasional media coverage that the US does not have a heretofore unbreakable alliance with the world’s biggest financial & theological supporter of the terrorism it claims to be fighting. In spite of even the Congress’ recent override of a presidential veto, potentially to hold Saudi Arabia legally accountable for what happened on September 11, 2001 – the mockery of the “9/11 truther” and a failure to find solid logic in US foreign policy reside on the same intellectual ground.

In Alex Jones’ fashion, Trump has been helpful here, too, by saying ISIS was created by his opponent and the current American President. Now, if you’re sympathetic to the idea that the US has indeed helped create the problems it battles, unintentionally via blowback or what have you, it is nevertheless not entirely likely that you’ll recognize the partial-truth through the absurdity of Candidate Trump’s utterly un-nuanced assertions. He discredits opposition to the status quo. Why – one might ask sarcastically – would a billionaire want to discredit that opposition?

At the end of the day, I say it doesn’t matter if default shillers are, as well, willing shills. The effect is the same. Still, I maintain that Don knows what he’s doing. After watching the last debate, it is clear that his experience has made him a pretty plausible actor. Better than Clinton, at any rate, who, thanks to Don’s dramatics, only has to react. You can’t ask for a better scene partner.

He could tell all kinds of truths out of turn and still be called an incoherent liar. She could tell an occasional truth and remain one, even in the back of the minds of many of her supporters. She’ll win that game. He points out how she supported that which has allowed him to avoid taxes for years. She calls him a liar, and whether or not people believe it, it is plausible he’s a tax cheat and she’s an experienced politician. Game Clinton.

His accurate assertion that the Sanders’ candidacy was seriously undermined if not destroyed by the DNC comes off like a desperate afterthought. She says “everything he said was a lie” and it doesn’t matter if one of them is lying where the other is not. When they both lose she wins the point.

She claims she was using Lincoln and the Thirteenth Amendment as an example when she said that it helps for a politician to have two positions, one public and one private. The natural response is to think she is making shit up to cover her ass. When it is pointed out later that the analogy was in fact in the original speech, it deep sixes the vomit-worthiness of her having compared the tactics of getting slavery abolished with finagling for people of immodest means — in a $200,000 speech to their political action committee, no less — and makes Trump’s successful point (“Now she’s blaming the lie on the late, great Abraham Lincoln.”), subordinate to her winning the set because she actually didn’t make something up.

And the main point is she’s gonna win the match. The prevailing logic says that Trump knows he’s lost. The only question in the minds of the pundits is what it is that is motivating him at this point.

Clintons in the Bushes

Republican policy positions have served to scare traditional Democrats into the fold for as long as I have been alive. It’s how the two-party system functions. Even if it weren’t by design, lesser-evilism would emerge from this system organically. But what is not hammered home enough still today in discussions of this duopoly model is the fact that it serves one real purpose in spite of its ego-driven opportunists who strive to rise to the top of their respective party orgs. No doubt some of the contestants believe in the cruciality of the contest. But at this point it still seems simpler to me that both Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton are serving the monolith. That monolith has Her written-in as successor, and he’s playing the role of Him to the rafters.

In the 1992 General Election campaign for President, when incumbent President George Herbert Walker criticized his opponent by ridiculing Arkansas’ educational standing, there is no way he had forgotten that he’d given a plaque to Governor Clinton for his supposed successful efforts on education. His criticism fit what was to be the story of his campaign: That Bush, Sr. was out of touch. But there was no reason for him to lose to the Governor, save for H. Ross Perot.

Some people think Perot was acting to scuttle Bush’s reelection effort. Whatever made him want to run, he made the Bush defeat more likely. In fact, before he’d dropped out mid-race, only to drop back in weeks later, his winning didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. Either way, Clinton wasn’t going to get more than his 43% of the popular vote, and without Perot, Bush could have conceivably crushed him.

Perot claimed to have dropped out “because of Republican dirty tricks”. He said he was contacted by unsavory characters who alleged to have compromising photos of his daughter. I recall reaction at the time as being largely dubious. Perot was popularly considered a bit nutty, though I have wondered if his claim was true. Either way, it’s main function was to demotivate Republican turnout.

As I’ve said before, Clinton’s victory was one that his main opponent supported. Bush and Bubba’s overlapping policy positions — from NAFTA to Iraq, and their overlapping financial interests, cloaked in non-profit lingo purporting to help the likes of Haiti and other governments they assist to overthrow for the benefit of business-first policies that are often not entirely contrary to their non-profit cover companies’ stated purposes — clearly demonstrate a single-mindedness when it comes to who occupies the White House.

In other words: that time around, Bush was his party’s placeholder so as to enable the rise of the first Clinton. Look at it this way: a lot of people say that the country’s leaders are united in looking after what they believe is in their country’s interest. What’s the diff? Would it not be beneficial to a duopoly serving monolithic interests that a back & forth of the duopoly remain standard operating procedure, even if in the eyes of the many who think their choices suck? Of course it does. As long as it’s worth choosing one over the other for even the most desperately devised logic.

To answer the question: If you’re a plant, why fight so recklessly when you got the nomination already? Why not just run out the clock with one classic absurdity after another? Why get your base all worked up and intimidating?

The answer is plausibility. Which is more important than quelling the feelings of overt bottom-feeding fascists (who are demonstrably observable by the covert fascists in official positions of the need-to-know variety). Do you really think a country that lets cops kill black people with near universal impunity gives a crap about White Nativists getting unruly?

Do you really believe that one of the two parties is adverse to employing a scorched earth policy of electioneering, especially if it seems that it keeps whatever few people motivated to go to the polls?

Just a few weeks ago, Liberal darling Michael Moore was openly lamenting to his fans that Trump was a guaranteed winner. Then, just a few days ago he started opining that he was throwing the election. This is prior to the release of Don’s pussy grabbing remarks (made to a Bush, no less). What changed other than Moore’s mood?

Moore’s former position was unpopular, not just because his familiars didn’t want to believe a Trump win possible, let alone unavoidable, but because, outside of this circle of paranoia, Trump seemed a likely loser. He’d already had tepid-to-grudging support from his own party, his financial backing was less than lagging behind his opponent’s, the press was roundly against him, there were petitions circulating to get voters registered for the single purpose of keeping him out of the White House. A couple of them didn’t even mention his opponent by name, but none of them even remotely alluded to voting for the Libertarians or Greens. Tacitly, I’d say, the point was to vote Clinton.

There’s a theory backed by the Moore camp that says his one-time support of Ralph Nader for President in effect sent George W. Bush to the White House, which established the Patriot Act and dropped Americans into an illegal war with Iraq. It is said to be a lesson to never vote for a third party lest it lead to a Republican president. “Not now, not this time,” is the quadriennial mantra.

This time it means that Trump is so bad, that the essential candidate is the one who also voted for the Patriot Act and that illegal war in Iraq, as well as others she’s had her hand in getting started as member of the current government’s Cabinet. But the Trump candidacy makes her the plausible better choice. Not in my eyes, but that’s not the point. As long as he remains plausible to somebody, it makes sense that people will vote against him in precisely the way they’re told is required.

So, suddenly, Moore states that Trump only ran to enrich himself, never having wanted the job in the first place. Well, this much is true.


More evidence Don’s a houseplant:

Read the following headline & ask yourself, “Crashing down on whom?”

By all means scroll the entire length and see if you can spot what diverges from topic number one. Then hover or click the image for the bit at the bottom quarter of the homepage, crashed down on & practically buried. It even works to highjack rare coverage of U$ compliance in Yemen and evidence of what a fraud Trump’s opponent is… with a Trump/Hitler comparison.

Who’s being played more here, those who think he should be prez, or those who think he’s gotta be stopped?

Trump ‘so pathetic’, Satan endorses Clinton

Citing the billionaire’s apparent deficiencies in the art of lingual legerdemain, the Prince of Darkness has opted to go with candidate Clinton. “‘It was fun while it lasted, but let’s get real,'” was how Satan spokesperson Jeffrey Epstein quoted him to the Associated Press yesterday evening, saying his Lord had clearly made up his mind during Trump’s closing statement at the evening’s presidential debate.”He said he has many of the attributes we would want in an American president, but was quick to point out that these don’t mean squat if you can’t close the deal,” Epstein said.

Already much earlier in the evening, the Twitter account most closely identified with the Antichrist, @B.Elle_Z’bub, tweeted out an angry face emoji with the hashtags #sopathetic #deepeight16. The tweet was soon deleted.

The spokesperson added, “I even tried to play devil’s advocate, you know, which is complicated under the circumstances. But what a lot of people don’t realize – those who don’t know him, is that Satan’s a real cool guy. So I say to him ‘Don’t you think he’d have performed much better if he hadn’t been here right before air-time getting all coked up with me and [former President Clinton]?’ He just laughed that laugh he does and said ‘I’m with her.’ Classic Devil stuff.”


Enabligatory Behavior

The following meme presents itself as original at this link here.

I don’t know if the Facebooker there is the originator of the text, I don’t know if the originator of the text is a history teacher, a non-history teacher passing himself off as one, or someone, by implication, playing the part of a non-history teacher passing himself off as one. He sounds like a cereal box history teacher, at any rate.

Forgive me if you think I’m stating the obvious here, but Hitler wasn’t elected. “The German people” did not elect Hitler. Period. Moreover, however, the respective backdrops of the Weimar Republic and 21st Century Schizoid America are so vastly different that these analogies are meaningless. Nevertheless, I’ll give one set of analogies a go since the subject of the origins of Hitler’s rise to power has been alluded to:

The Enabling Act of 1933 is basically The Patriot Act of 2001 with the exception that the latter was more fecklessly enabling by those who played bi-party to it. Prior to that, Paul von Hindenburg’s appointment of Hitler to the German Chancellory is the Supreme Court of the United States’ appointment of George W. Bush to the US Presidency, except in the latter case Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. is more aptly analogous to von Hindenburg, insofar as it relates to with enabligatory behavior.

Wikipedia would be this history teacher’s friend, apparently. The party that nominated Donald Trump has pushed the issues named a lot over the last several decades, and it’s not the first time Americans are being fed this analogy. The difference is, it had always been cryto-warnings commensurate with the crypto-fascist policies the party ran on.

Now the entire apparatus is so corrupt that only the rhetoric is different – with minor exceptions: Terrorism. It’s the lie that keeps on feeding the machine that the two major candidates are running on. And while the word communism doesn’t drip from the Democrats’ mouths, they have completely co-opted the national security state buzz-terminology (and policy), and are actively trying to foment paranoia of Russia right out of McCarthy’s playbook. Of course, this only because the Yanks want Syria, as if Libya & Iraq aren’t all they can handle.


At the following link, the author misattributes something to a Facebook post by a former major league hardballer because what he says is apparently heinous enough that the misattributor can get away with making it sound like the ex-pitcher tossed it from thin air. It begins with the headline Curt Schilling: Those accused of terrorism should be stripped of rights and executed.

Among the offense expressed in the comments section, I didn’t notice anyone mention that that is precisely — and I do mean precisely — current US foreign policy, which has in fact already laid the groundwork for it to be domestic policy as well.

Let us also not forget that the current administration has carried out a record number of deportations and has prosecuted a record number of whistle blowers. It might be amusing that among other things, Republicans loyalists, or whoever, have compared Obama to Hitler. Gee, I wonder who that benefits…


Reunited: How the West was One

You might recall from last year’s hoo-hah that the whirled’s had a full generation to digest the reunification of the German state. Let’s take a look at the fascinating colour schemes as seen this morning compared to how it looked for the fifty years the sides were split. On the left you see the results of yesterday’s election- on the right, the city as parcelled out by the confederacy of belligerents at the Potsdam Conference:

       Berlin Election 2016                         Berlin 1949-1989As H. Ross Perot might say, “Innerestin’ idn’t it?” For most, the obvious has long been that the old east-west west-east divide maintains an apparently solid mix of loyalty toward the respective parties of traditional influence. Well, I mean traditional insofar as peoples who were formed out of the decision to choose one kind of government over another that lasted a period of two generations, in weak contrast to the generation in time that followed during which the putative opportunity to rid oneself of the supposed shackles of socialist indoctrination played out in all its glory glory hallelujah. Of course the second part of that last sentence was written from the perspective of a westerner, not because I am a westerner, born & bred, but because the West are the ones who ultimately conquered the city with $oft power (‘First we take Manhattan’, anyone?).The more striking reflection is how the western sectors districts vote, with the former British controlled areas going mostly SPD and the French and US territories trending Christian Democrat. As an aside, it’s interesting that the blue chosen by the keep your stinking refugees AfD matches nicely with the shade someone selected over’t the Wiccapaedia for the American sector.

I suppose in order to accurately analyze these tendencies, one should look at the literal outliers in finer detail:

First there’s the oft mentioned fact that no-apologies ultra-right wingers do well in the former states of the GDR, but like so many places where this is the case, it’s a lot more obvious the more rural and/or ‘burbier you go, where they encounter multiculturalism mainly through the distant deigning of demagoguery. This is evident when you visit the concrete reaches of Buch, Marzahn, and Hellersdorf.

That black upholstered armchair perched upon the last eastern peninsula is another story altogether: Mahlsdorf. The biggest difference occurred when the district it’s in, Mahrzahn-Hellersdorf lost PDS candidate Gregor Gysi, who in 2001 had garnered half the vote. The CDU had already been running a pretty strong second to Gysi’s PDS, at 27 percent. However, in 2006 without Gysi, and with the PDS already dubbed Die Linke on the ballot (as part of the official fusion with the WASG that would take place the following year), they only managed 23 percent. That big a drop within one election cycle must be attributable to the absence of the face of the party during a contentious name change.

Still, part of the CDU’s ongoing ownership of Mahlsdorf in spite of poor showings in the rest of the district probably mirrors that of anywhere you see black: people believe they own their shit because they’re entitled to it and want it to stay that way (as opposed to the baby blue constituencies’ knowing they don’t own shit but wanna keep whatever it is they think they got out of the hands of Arabs, Persians, and Africans specifically as a good place to start).

This’d be a little too like the lazy demographic analysis of social scientistic punditry if I didn’t mention the more detailed reality regarding the latter group’s encompassing, as well, those opposed to big money war profiteering. It’s just that you almost only ever hear them bitching about the result and not the cause. This they have in common with adherents to almost all parties’ factions of loyalty.

But it is in fact Die Linke — running along the former East all dressed in pink — who have consistently taken aim at capital’s war machine and associated investment class. With the exception of Sahra Wagenknecht’s mentioning that “of course there’s a upper limit to how many refugees a state can handle” and that an honest government might want to include that as part of the discussion — which might have deflated a key part of the AfD’s argument, which was part of her point — they have only urged immediate acceptance of asylum seekers from all corners.

As long as I’m tying former districts of the GDR to The Left, I should mention again that in about two-thirds of the time it took East German border guards to snipe 200 would-be escapees, the Yanks murdered a million Vietnamese. I’m sure both estimates are kind. The GDR took in about 10,000 Vietnamese emigres by the mid-seventies, 60,000 by the time the Wall came down.

Speakin’ o’ the Wall
The Potsdam Conference established the partitioning into US, British, French, and Soviet zones seen in the map above right. Coincidentally, it’s at the lyrical heart of the death strip at Potsdamer Platz (the place named for the road to Potsdam) where the codified corners converge. After the fall, these adjacent spots became the property of Daimler-Benz, Sony, Otto Beisheim, and ABB/Roland Ernst Städtebau.

Daimler-Benz had snagged the largest parcel for so cheap that the stink it caused led to the European Commission’s ordering an additional payment of 34 million Deutschmarks to the Land of Berlin mere months after the initial sale had been completed.

Otto Beisheim was a former Nazi stormtrooper. Did you know that before the war they were the Freikorps (having been renamed after the first war)? Beisheim erected a center in his name, which housed the Ritz Carlton and the Marriott International. Imagine building a hotel tower complex with your own name on it.

Sony built the biggest monstrosity on their place and were rewarded another 4,500 m² by the Berlin Senate as remuneration for having to relocate some of their completed structure, even though it was due to their having disregarded conditions of the contract.

All I can find about Roland Ernst Städtebau is this article in German from 2011 regarding his arrest on suspicion of graft and fraud.

For Berlin, the massive construction on Potsdamer Platz was their first use of public-private partnerships to get shit done. The Berlin Senate made a show pony out of its design competition, while the players they brought thru the back door would subsequently use threats to get their way around perceived limitations. It was win-win for somebody — in the same way that CETA and TTIP and TISA and whatever subsequent names they may carry will be a win-win for corporations jacked-up on autonomy.

In other words: the politicians will always pretend they don’t know they’re being played as a sure way to hide the fact that they are playing along. That Corporate is seeking to make its authority official should be instructive. It was, already, to the at least 30,000 who took to the streets Saturday in Berlin. But that won’t likely change the outlook of the new senior partner in any coming coalition, the SPD, whose functionaries have, in op eds and on polit-talk shows, newspoken the necessity of precisely these kinds of agreements to any civilized society.

Now the Greens say they are against CETA as well. But if you know the German Greens, well, like I’ve said, coalition building makes for erratic bedfellowing – the subconsci-equences of which might help explain the last odd trend in the electoral map above: The Greens in the middle. They seem to have the strongest constituency in the area where most of the green has made way for concrete.

Speakin’ o’ the Wahl
So how ’bout the numbers? Well, I am proud to say that at least in one ward in my district the satirical party Die PARTEI beat out the AfD for second to last place. Unfortunately in the ward west of me AfD got just about 11 percent. With any luck, they’ll go the way of the Pirates, who made a big splash last time round but have all but disappeared.

The Berlin breakdown looks like this:

As predicted, the SPD benefited in spite of their bleeding a seat more than the CDU. Unexpectedly, the Left edged out the Greens – but their seat numbers will be the same. Even in light of this, however, I would urge Die Linke not to build a coalition with the SPD and Grüne. There goes the way of losing everything they won here. If they demur, the Greens will go willing with the fake Reds and form a coalition with the CDU just so they can have an office in the administration. And like I said, there goes the way of losing everything they won. But they’ve been doing that cyclically for thirty years now.

Because the only coalition coming from this will have to be more than two parties, the Berliner Zeitung is declaring the authority of the Volksparteien for toast. I think they’re smearing butter.

In closing, here’s the best shot I could get of Die PARTEI walking the opposite direction through the demo Saturday, followed by a hover image version of the maps above:

Those who walk in the other direction are STUUPID  –and-  KETA instead of CETA

Move your cursor over the image for extra fun.