The Brazen Corruption of Breakfast

When Bo Rama speaks, you can predict the few things that will happen as a result: his biggest admirers will swoon over how smartly informed and refreshingly thoughtful his comments are; his biggest detractors will bluster about the odious treachery of the same; most people won’t pay attention, but when the reactionaries get cranked up, the admirers will be joined by a chorus motivated in just as knee-jerk a fashion by the personality of the reactionaries, though no better informed about the integrity of the comments in question, and with just as deep a disregard for their context.

At the latest annual National Prayer Breakfast, Bo Rama defended Islam from being broad-brushed as extremist ideology by pointing out how people have used the cloak of Christianity for very bad things. In this case, the accuracy of the historical details doesn’t matter. The important point here is that the vague notion of “the Crusades” has been buoyed as a result, as eliciting a trigger as there are opinions about what they were.

A knack for professorial patronization is a benchmark of any president. The degree to which one deploys it should be met with equal scepticism. By restating implicitly that the so-branded War on Terror is a fight against forces who misuse religion for their purposes, Bo Rama advances a basic falsehood that no one in the kindergarten from 5-year-old to faculty is going to question.

The political beauty of the categorical, “Ours is not a fight against any religion.” is that it is absolutely true, even if some may disagree. The big lie, however – that this or any war has anything to do with trying to keep people safe from oppressive ideology – remains customarily unexamined.

Eurotic Literature

A Game of Choke the Chicken
by Paul Krugman
1st grade econymonist

Never shoulda done it, coming together like that.  It was dangerous then, it’s dangerous now.  Always thought so.  It’s gonna come undone.  Just look at it’s coming undone.  But we hafta cling to it. Don’t look now but the money shot is riiiiight… there… and it’s gonna be…

You see, Germany is like the Iceman and Greece is Maverick.  So Iceman goes, “You better give it up!” and Mav is all, “Come at me bro,” dick in hand.  Ice is like, “You’re crazy!” but kind of turned on by the sheer size of Mav’s Goose on display.  The Iceman begins to engage himself in furious friction to the point where there’s just a hint of a droplet forming at his tip.

Unfortunately for the studio – that’d be the European Central Bank – neither one of their actors has quite enough blood coursing through his main vein to be taken too seriously, so they worry that moviegoers won’t be turned on enough to keep returning to the cineplex.  But their job is to force the action, so…

Will Mav pull out?
Looming are the whips & chains!


Barely related link: printiN’ t’ fYT media corps

Amnesty’s Hangover

Did you know that yesterday was do pass go, do collect a click all day?
Yes, you say?

Tho’ I think I’d go w/ Perpetual Change, We Have Heaven is a fine example of a best of something ever, yes, no indifferent, and when you’re tripping, who says they aren’t both ever best of yes.

Would were it be…

And though I just love a poem with an incidental Roswell reference, when I think of yesterdays, I relate to days before, just days ago.  Remember when you popped a can as much for to do something with your hands as spill swill mildly acidic upon the acid that says, “I don’t want this.”  If the fun weren’t so traumatizing, I’d return to it every day.

And do you remember when this guy was within the pale of becoming a goat in the stead of being the GoaT?  Funny how the ball spins.

It takes a certain kind of guts to point out that even the arguments against torture are inherently corrupt, seriously a distraction in fact from the fact… as so often is the case when wading through such psycho shit…  that it’s simply wrong to do what we oh so like to do, and when we debate about it, it is oh so tediously torturous.

Apropos of nothing, save winter, the lack thereof, its return, and poetry, and motion, and giving clicks to the voice, anyberliner wanna play?

Remember Ferguson? Maybe it’s because there is no community, just a short term existence. I mean, fuckin’ A, right?

If you read here enough, you know I am partial to ripping on those whose community are wont to claim for my own (make sense of that if you will). Wingnuts and Nazi-brand Nazis are but low hanging fruit, even self-evidenter than the lesser enablers who are full of love for how much lesser enabling they do.  Oh they do!  But I ramble in my distraction, which reminds me why I started this paragraph: to quote a quip about these self-annointed lesser enablers, which, truth be told, is always almost left unsaid:

Shitting on America’s reprehensible past is acceptable among progressives, but only if it proves the point that America is capable of becoming more just, more equitable; only when it buttresses the story of America coming ever closer to its mythological ideals and the stories which it tells about itself and its white people.

Gots to click to read the whole thing. Come on, now. Don’t miss the point of this exercise, which is why they open in a new window.  You can come on back, or open them all as you read through, and read ’em at the end.

Do this just once and you get an acuter appreciation for the kinder BLCKDGRDes of the wwworld.  Me, I was always worried about diminishing returns.  Well, BLCKDGRD pulls and pastes them so you don’t have to scroll, necessarily, though BLCKDGRD’ll remind you they’re there.  Their there is there.  You know, in the sidebar. Read them. That’s the point of this exercise.

Do you read them as you go, or wait ’til the end?  Or have you already given up? Me? I recommend doing them one at a time if your computer slows up.

Also, if you’ve read me of late, or know me at all, or just know Jack, you Gno how I tend, so many still land here through The Crow’s Eye (it’s clear it is being checked and used as a goto) though Crow no longer updates; I choose not his latest, but this one on overlay.

First on the list of non-blogrolled linked links — that is, non-shamelessly reciprocation-ally link linking  (the shame is all mine, trust me) comes this buried analysis of a story about what went down in and around a place called Selma and what gets lost amidst all the talk about what was with it, wrong or right. Fuck LBJ. It’s just the continual killing of King for fuck’s sake. Oprah’s narrative ain’t helpin’ shit.

Look at Caldwell on Baraka on Jones and poems and think about your cultural address.

Digging deeper toward death, inching ever closer perhaps, or looking at it all around you, how could you not wanna ask?

He just came in and told me, the new Friedrichshain calendar is around the corner.  I had assumed since my bookstore had closed, and I was late to the game of finding a new source, that I’d missed out this time.  Maybe I’ll get one and continue the series (viewable by you by clicking on Friedrichshain-Vergleiche in the side column).  Until then, from him, newer camera, newerer pictures.

And a once reciprocal no longer
since he killed his old to public purview.
Would you believe that it was longer
than any other responsible
for most of th’times people’ve clicked through?
It’s true.
I won’t betray it’s name, for he’d seem
to’ve opted to pull that connection.
For the record, I thought
that mystery of an aesthetic certain.
Due to his opting, of new, to word schemery, this comes with a WARNING: No verse!

And though, what’s the point of a general link to someone else, who may’ve moved, I don’t like to think, to get away from the likes of me? No matter, I spun his music many a month at my deejay gig, also dead. And he’s the only one of whom I’m aware who name-checked my fake twat, made one in his own image, if only just unlike.

Did you know that Hollywood didn’t begin with the CIA? They got a longer history than that, if only barely and this is just an excuse to link to Alex Cox.

There’s still more in the sidebar. Always more, with the newest at the top.  Check tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or never.  But they might take the Internet away.

Charlie est Seigneur!

Fair Use & Free Speech – 2015

There comes a time when you stop making excuses and hold them responsible for their actions.


Trying to quell violent ideologies with this terror war is wagging dogs to wrangle cats.

There’s this conception that these killers would have killed no matter what, which, of course, depends on what killers you’re talking about. As things stand, the relationship between the terrorists and anti-terrorists is one of symbiosis.

The greater problem facing the future is that the more such things happen as in Paris, that is, the closer they hit home, the quicker those immediately affected forget all about what they may have thought about the cause of radical violence and go from what has been a general indifference toward the war on terror to shit-scared support for it. Even harder sceptics are peeled away for as little as one bomb planted closer to home than usual.

The problem with Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons is they’ve focused too much of their effort on the secondary symptom and not the cause, too many caricatures of the excuse and not the reason. They are NOT the victims of what they drew, but the victims of what they didn’t.  So if you believe their stated editorial principles, some of their staff just died in vain.

Now that they’ve been resurrected, going from some fifty-thousand in circulation to well into the millions, what are the chances they’re gonna change course and bite the hand that just fed them? 

The conspiracy is… there’s no conspiracy necessary.

It’s not necessary for a person to be born of humble blood spilled daily in the streets to develop a distaste for the image of an oppressor at home or abroad.  It’s not necessary for an oppressor to have rigged and tapped the fields and temples of the fathers for their sons to foster hatred of this professed brother’s keeper, yet accept his largess and instructions to further foment what he fosters.  It is not necessary to have at once a passport in his hand and bombs over his head delivered.  It’s not necessary to be impoverished and imprisoned.

It’s not necessary that one be sponsored and assisted by state-sanctioned covert handlers in order to carry out mass-murder against citizens of that state or its stated allies.

It’s not necessary that a structure of security be set for the primary purpose of protecting the interests of the filthiest beneficiaries of their host state’s protracted purchase of materials for deadly destruction.  It’s not necessary that an aggrieved soul-searcher or hardened criminal be guided to carry out that which is used to justify perpetuating the acquisition and deployment of the same tools ad infinitum.  It’s not necessary that just distinguishable organ & vehicle, abettor & executor have expedient distinctions drawn for & against them.

It’s not necessary that you believe this is so, or not so.

It is not necessary that any or all or some of these or those agents believe their cover story or rather their stated purpose for them to be tantamount to a terrorist.

But if we’re really keeping score…