Dream Perspectives

I had a dream that I was taken hostage, the details of which aren´t so relevant here. At some point, I managed to escape my ordeal, but for some reason, found myself having voluntarily returned. And then – as if to some unseen force – I began to protest insistently that it made no sense for me to have come back to this situation from which I’d struggled to escape. Then, still within the dream, I awoke and realized that I had, in fact, escaped my captor, but had not, on the other hand, returned to them, rather that that had been only a dream; it seemed that with my protestation I had purposely forced my awakening withing the dream. The thing is – and what occurred to me upon my actual awakening – is that I was not conscious of the reasoning behind my mental struggle against this dream illogic until the dream within a dream had revealed itself (but only as a dream, mind you). Can it be that additional personalities take part in the creation of dreams?

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