Screaming Audio

The interested can hear a sample of what it’s like to hear Jo Frgmnt and myself streaming through the ether. Those in the Americas (particularly in the zones in the eastern half of the continents) who find getting up at/staying up until such an early/so late a time to be a bit much, probably aren’t the interested to which I’m referrring. Anyway, the local schedules can be accessed by clicking on “playlist” in the above link, and selecting your time zone. To my friends in the Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Montreal, New York, Orlando, and Buenos Aires areas I recommend the experience.

In our latest correspondence, Jo informed me that Séamus won’t be able to join us, unfortunately. The still interested can see and hear their work in action at the Experience Art exhibition opening Wednesday.


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