Major Media Offensive

The world’s largest television, print, and on-line news outlets have launched a preeminent push against anyone who dare question the heroic and noble efforts of troops in Afghanistan.

fYt to priNt


I went to get my passport renewal photos taken last week at one of the few places that provides the uniquely American 2″x 2″ submission standard. I saw the photograph below on display and remarked to the nice lady working the joint that I’d seen it in the paper, to which she replied that it had been published in many. Taking note of my admiration of the picture, she gave it to me – no extra charge.
Iris Fischer

If this rider were like me, he (or she) wouldn’t have this problem. I’m not being proud, just bragging.


From my “German” perspective:
Gerade mal aus dem Blick einem “Berliner” – Wozu dient saubere Hauptstraßen, wenn die Parkplätze samt mit belagerten Schnee packgefüllt sind? Und was nützt es, sicher und sauber im Auto meinen Arbeitsplatz zu erreichen, wenn ich auf dem Gehweg dort rein meinen Kopf aufknacke?

I’ve run across a blog by a German working for this newspaper in DC. As you might guess, she has included commentary on what recent weather has done to the capital city. Amongst other comparisons came the observation that Washington, which had steered its nation to the moon, lay lame lulled and lacking.

The immediate response that her remarks… (I need a verb here; a word which means “attracting trolls”) was that her level of journalizing – that is, her writing skill – was lacking, and certainly didn’t deserve the time that the responders had spent reading. Apparently these critics – graduates of the school of point and click – had felt that by responding, they might get that wasted time returned to their lives.

It seems that by giving the reader the opportunity to “contribute” to a dialog, the media have attracted mostly smartass comments about general editorial quality and, at any rate, anything other than a contribution to the subject matter at hand.

Not that it matters. I’m not the first to’ve noticed this and I’m not one of those who feel that this is a factor in society’s dumbing down, or evidence thereof. Neither am I convinced of the premise than journalistic standards are getting worse, as the satiric example at the top of this entry would attest.

Anyway, as an extra added feature to The Sunday Paper, I’ve decided to give you not only my comment on DC’s Daze in lacking German above, but also the following translation (or more likely, a closer approximation of the thoughts I wanted to express):

From a “Berliner’s” perspective – What good are cleared streets if all the parking places are filled with their resultant pushed-aside, pack-snow? And what’s reaching the workplace clean and safe worth, if I crack my head open on the sidewalk going in?


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