Ain’t that a kick…

If I could just breakout of my standard bitching and moaning about the inability of the unwashed devotees to the body politic to see through the continual big sellout, and distract myself from representative democracy’s efficient marginalization of those whom it represents in democratic theory, and its ongoing massive image campaign to make the fix seem like maintenance, then I might just take the time to inform you, my loyal reader, of a different kind of kick to the gut.

Nico made this fabulously functional kick-trigger for my pedal (still the same Ludwig Speed King that I’ve had since Reagan, Term I, but haden’t used since ’01).

According to Froggy, it cost him no more than a few euros and an hour of his time. And though I know that the piezo mic was relatively cheap, the shelf brackets not inordinately expensive, and the jack-cable can be had for a price which wouldn’t necessarily break one’s piggybank, and I am aware of his considerable ability at handiwork, I can’t help but believe that his estimate is a little… underestimated.

Whatever the cost, the payoff was extraordinary, the result surprisingly effective at first try. The occasional mis-kick notwithstanding – and my unnecessary application and re-coordination during rehearsal without having practiced a foot-triggered bass drum in eight years – the possibilities presented themselves immediately. Now the challenge is not to let it lead to overplay.

And here I present to you the latest uploaded versions of rehearsals.

Nico Petitdan: bass
Pablo Juanes: tenor sax
davidly: Handsonic


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