Salon Bruit vorbei. Zazie gut. Mario gut.

Home before 4. Not usual. Rained, but my generator worked almost the whole way. Not such a long ride really.

Should I watch Purdue? Down by five in the second. Hm. Maybe I’ll just watch the score for a while.

Tied at 31 with 16:03 left. I’ll give it a couple more minutes.

Okay, I can’t wait any longer.

I’d swear Clark Kellogg just said that Barlow “raped that ball away” from somebody. Good offensive rebound, though. Tie ballgame. Sit the fuck down, Coach K.

Shit. Just when I start to watch and they’re down by seven in no time.

JaJuan Johnson dunks the shit out of the ball! Purdue back within two.

And in a flash Duke extends that lead to nine. Fuckin’ Duke. I know I shouldn’t give a shit, but Duke!

Man, there are more commercials than radio. And, of course, during sporting events they are all so very funny and awesome. It’s as if almost everybody I’ve ever hated worked at the same ad agency and a few more people I hate got cast so that they can put together adverts for a target audience consisting of everybody else that I’ve ever hated.

Back to the action and the Boilermakers are toast. Sometimes I can’t believe people get paid to talk. I’d rather watch commercials. Fuckin’ Duke. I gotta get some sleep.


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