Der Parkbank Pinkler: Teillos

„Geschäftsidee: sich präsentieren als ein großzügiger und alternativ-bewusster Betreuer mit peinlich schablonenhaften Werbebranche Begriffen wie „bezahlbarer Luxus“ und „echte Gesellschaft“ und agieren wie typisch ausbeuterische Eigentümer, dessen Mieter/innen mit Blick auf das größtmögliche Gewinnmotiv einsargen.“



Merkelei gerahmt

In response to a request that the Chancellor be placed in proper perspective:

Merkel framed in Davos – 2018

In spite of her by now iconic triAngelating hand gesture and her chart-peaking approval of the export of military product, the reported victims of which would make one wonder how such policy could continue (short of it’s really being part of an ongoing racket), it is unfair to implicate her at the top of the pyramid, unless it’s part of the imagination of one’s dreams of personal posterity.

Speakin’ o’… this is as good a tale of Davos ’18 as one’ll read.


Old, you’re up! — Alt is’ euer Opa!

These aged incontinent feed their fat livers sausage & sour cabbage as their still young, former Rothschild Investor calls for equity in all things at the round table. The joke is not lost on Aging Mother, who due to disinterest in the direction of the slopes and difficulty of the climbs can act as if theirs is not a far-removed indulgence of net neutrality where she & her collegial collaborator of an ostensibly vast divergence of bureaucratic bent after all still today are of an age climbing more than marginally faster than their villagers’ respectively reformed, gradually growing ages of retirement. Their foil foments Friday but beforehand bears out as if by default of unquestioned contrast of mental health the wholesomeness of their indigestible diet. This capital cuisine is implied in a posture of a culture currently more welcoming, which counters the monocultural gauche & gaudy golden arches burning both ends of every economy, though no fancy font found in the menu lists the non-negotiable unanimity of fiery fraternal export, getting the goose cooked where the spit turns the other way round.

Diese alten Inkontinenten füttern ihre Fettlebern Würstchen & Sauerkraut während ihr jüngere, ehemalige Rothschild-Investor Gleichberechtigung am runden Tisch bedingt. Der Jux ist Alternder Mutti nicht verborgen geblieben. Dank ihres Desinteresses an der Richtung der Pisten und den Schwierigkeiten der Aufstiege, kann sie so tun, als frönten sie nicht aus weiter Entfernung der Nettoneutralität, wo sie und ihr angeblich vom hochpolitischen Hang abweichende kollegiale Kollaborateur immerhin heute noch unwesentlich schneller altern als das reformierten Rentenalter ihrer jeweiligen Dörfler. Ihr Gegenstück facht Freitag an, bekräftigt aber im voraus — als sei automatisch einer unbestritten Kontrast der geistigen Gesundheit vorhanden — die Bekömmlichkeit ihrer unverträglichen Kost. Diese Kochkunst nimmt die Haltung einer derzeitig stärkeren Willkommenskultur ein und entgegenwirkt dem monokulturellen Gauch & seinen knalligen goldenen Bögen, mit deren Gesundheit weiter jeder Wirtschaft gewüstet wird. Dafür aber listet keine kunstvoll schrille Schriftart auf der Speisekarte das nicht verhandelbare Einvernehmen des feurigen fraternal Exports auf, wo andere erledigt und geliefert sind, wo auch immer der Spieß sich andersrum dreht.


Progress you can believe in will make us the great we’ve never not been.

Question: Can whoever is elected after this guy leaves undo this crap he has done?Answer: Sure. Didn’t the last guy undo the unconstitutional expansions of the guy before him, dial back on the accretion of power to the executive branch, and do due diligence on the opposition’s chosen appointees while emboldening his party in the Houses to oppose with all due force those whose preferred policies, as they warned their constituencies, would be definitely detrimental? Didn’t he not allow the former’s tax breaks to extend and not extend his public-private misappropriation of the public domain-funded information infrastructure, which thereby did anything other than broaden their movement into the public’s private lives while enriching the richest of that revolving door sector? Did he not court-martial his predecessor’s torturers and architects of that program, restoring the rule of law, and pursue prosecution of the financial wizards who continued well into his terms of office to sell out their clients to the ultimate ruin of an entire class of home-owner, and didn’t he refuse to appoint to positions of power anyone who’d advise him to do otherwise? Didn’t he curtail the dealing of destructive devises to the dominion his agency said supports the terrorism he reaffirmed was being battled, and didn’t he stop toppling governments and widening the desert of misery in the very region contiguous to That One War he’d given such a moving speech in opposition to, which was after all a prominent part of the long list of audaciously hopeful assurances of restoration that largely led to his winning the office in the first place?

For that matter, did not the guy before the last guy undo the right-to-work union busting and trade policy and welfare reform and financial deregulation that would be sure to result in a pox-like foreclosure on his house’s historical record, or the guy before that not resist doing those things I just listed, which had done less than undo what was anyway certainly not a rip-off of the working class by the last revolutionary tv star to dodder at the desk in the ovoid room – for wouldn’t it otherwise not continually inspire the iconographic identification with the illuminated imagery channeled into its nation’s living spaces, where, as far as can be plausibly discerned, at least one chosen feed maintains its resident consumers’ credulous appetite?