Progress you can believe in will make us the great we’ve never not been.

Question: Can whoever is elected after this guy leaves undo this crap he has done?Answer: Sure. Didn’t the last guy undo the unconstitutional expansions of the guy before him, dial back on the accretion of power to the executive branch, and do due diligence on the opposition’s chosen appointees while emboldening his party in the Houses to oppose with all due force those whose preferred policies, as they warned their constituencies, would be definitely detrimental? Didn’t he not allow the former’s tax breaks to extend and not extend his public-private misappropriation of the public domain-funded information infrastructure, which thereby did anything other than broaden their movement into the public’s private lives while enriching the richest of that revolving door sector? Did he not court-martial his predecessor’s torturers and architects of that program, restoring the rule of law, and pursue prosecution of the financial wizards who continued well into his terms of office to sell out their clients to the ultimate ruin of an entire class of home-owner, and didn’t he refuse to appoint to positions of power anyone who’d advise him to do otherwise? Didn’t he curtail the dealing of destructive devises to the dominion his agency said supports the terrorism he reaffirmed was being battled, and didn’t he stop toppling governments and widening the desert of misery in the very region contiguous to That One War he’d given such a moving speech in opposition to, which was after all a prominent part of the long list of audaciously hopeful assurances of restoration that largely led to his winning the office in the first place?

For that matter, did not the guy before the last guy undo the right-to-work union busting and trade policy and welfare reform and financial deregulation that would be sure to result in a pox-like foreclosure on his house’s historical record, or the guy before that not resist doing those things I just listed, which had done less than undo what was anyway certainly not a rip-off of the working class by the last revolutionary tv star to dodder at the desk in the ovoid room – for wouldn’t it otherwise not continually inspire the iconographic identification with the illuminated imagery channeled into its nation’s living spaces, where, as far as can be plausibly discerned, at least one chosen feed maintains its resident consumers’ credulous appetite?




»Hast du schon gehört? Es soll mit dem BER endlich soweit sein!«»Echt? Ich hätte mir nie erträumt. Du! Lass uns mal einen Flug buchen! Egal wohin!«

»Soweit ist es noch nicht. Ich meine, bald wird es einen Termin geben

»Wie, einen Termin? Ab wann können wir da fliegen?«

»Das weiß ich auch noch nicht. Ich meine, bald wird es einen Termin geben… für die Bekanntgabe für den Eröffnungstermin. Und jener Termin soll denn irgendwann bald bekannt gegeben werden… als Weihnachtsgeschenk!  Falls nichts mehr dazwischen kommt.«

»Spannend. Sag mal. Nach dem Eröffnungstermin, dürfte man von BER aus abfliegen?«

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Bericht über die Meldung der Eröffnungsterminbekanntgabe


‘Twas forgot they’d come to mine magnetite.

These few words are to unweave how it came to pass that Krypton would be colonized by Earthly descendants whose sole determination in occupation was to maintain their mastery over Kryptonian slaves for the purpose of mining kryptonite to be used in the war back on Earth against the Superfolk who’d come to oppress the native Earthlings.The humans who first told the tale of the Superman of Krypton originally defined his Achilles’ heel as a radioactive debris that had resulted from the explosion of his home planet. This story would change frequently until it was eventually revealed that the material had arrived along with the first Superfolk in the form of a meteoroid shower whose source substance had been the result of an extraplanetary collision of some kind with Krypton, which had not destroyed the planet as previously posited.

The apparently debilitating effect the element had had on the Kryptonians turned out to be the result of the radiation from the Earth’s Sun, insofar as it was established that the superhuman strength evident in the Superfolk on Earth was merely neutralized in the presence of this as well as many minerals from their planet. Whereas the radioactive effect the Sun had on kryptonite was not dissimilar to that from the Kryptonian Sun, it only caused them to ail on Earth.

As to his identity, the original Superman had concealed it indeed, but behind that of a propagandist, himself playing the part of a newspaper reporter. The superhuman power of the Superfolk would prove to be as absolutely corrupting as their power over humans was absolute. It only took a few generations for them to have entirely enslaved the human population.

Fortunately for the Earthling, they wrote a fantastic twist into their future. It began with the commandeering of a vehicle to the planet of their oppressor for the acquisition of the ore to subdue their superpowers on Earth. Once upon the surface of Krypton they made a pair of startling discoveries. First, it was more populated than postulated. More important, however, was that the extraordinary energy enjoyed by the Kryptonian on Earth amounted to no greater an advantage than that which the Earthling would have over the inhabitants on Krypton. This would be convenient toward the mining of their planet.


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Weened on Hallowed Wood

Severed heads are sacrificed; the blood trickles toward the penthouse cellar. Se7en spaced the severity of the unsubtlety of his deflection — a brazen attempt to have his having had an active gaydar steal the spotlight away from the evil he used it for. Narcissus knows no bonds — none too tight from which to wiggle with glee. He’d be given to going, “It’s time to say ’twas not my intent, but coincident to coming clean’.” But silence is also an option.

Monday’s Man o’ Fort saw the phrase ‘dictator friendly’ just often enough to bring to mind an entire country’s intelligence combined. Verily. One could strikethrough each instance of the named in the indictment and replace it with ‘the US’. However, either’d serve as apt metonymy for machinations of autocrat-o-philic money laundering. But let’s not forget about extortion and racketeering.

Now for FAKE MUSE!

Blutkotzende Goten – bis Marzahn  – Unkrautrock (1989)


Heaven on their Minds


No mind is clearer now
Not least none too well
Can we see how it’s no mystery
If you’d stripped away
The myth from the land
You’d have seen where we all soon would be

You started to believe the things they say of you
You really do believe this talk of Don is true
For all the shit he’s done with hist’ry’s human poo
He’s begun to matter more than all the things we do

I remember when this whole thing began
No talk of orange what was called a thin tan
Though he deceives, the supplication toward him doesn’t lie
Yet everything he seethes
You take for blasphemy
While the lies you hold have fed his rise

New Amsterdam’s famous son
Might have left the globe unknown
Like his father riding hood
He’d have burned wood
Hotel towers and TV shows
Oprah asking Donald those
Questions caused nobody stress
No one would jest

Knowing Donald he does care for his race
No one sees they must bow to save face
We have occupied
Have you forgotten all the crimes we’ve done?
I’m not startled by the crowd
For our silence was so loud
When we crushed them we had gone too far
We’ve gone too far