Gestalt in Yellow

Cool if crookedly capped dapper, the sailors wind as were all the room in the world their way down the bazaar stricture. By day they go muggin’ the mile with smiles like affable emissaries out of an Elvis picture. By night they take on a campy Capra-corn mash just before the Russell reel is loaded. The brutal dawn’s nightcap is tipped to Pasolini.The fog of war they say paves the way for their action, though their orders give cover to indulge sick satisfaction, at least through to their commission. These deeds are carried out as an investment bought in bellowing black & white with an aim to sell out in tortured technicolor.

No surface strafing can expose the underbelly of the beast buried in the misery of the razed rubble and dust. Paraded on the periphery, this principal is to be written off, hanged for posterity, or co-opted & reinvested in the theater coming just.

Lenachstr. & Sonntagstr., Berlin-Friedrichshain – 1911/2017 (hover)



A Share of Realty : prologue

You can lay the prevailing currency on it, raze, excavate, develop to build upon, rent seek, lobby, litigate, evict, neglect, ignore, and/or place the name of your pop atop in all capital blocks. You can bundle it all up and pass off your scorching rotten fruit of the earth as a too good to miss opportunity. As appearances prove deceiving whenever deception appears, you can bank on polity to back the renewal of your project with revenue raised from the people who were already punching your clock to pay your rent and drink that poison juice you produce – o’ which, you can construct on top of all that proprietary rights to force anyone else to cease and desist their own form of existence. What does it mean to prevail? Only a reflection of conquest. Nothing but a name. The thing itself? You can’t own that.

Warschauer Str. 64, Berlin-Friedrichshain – 1920/2017(hover)

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Struck sure. March first.

The question’s begged in the march toward progress.

Stare down Richtehofenstr. (Auerstr.), Berlin-Friedrichshain – 1906 / (hover 2017)

Infrastructure came with the plan. The POVs were brought by the economic miracle. Small wonders.

In die Aue von weit Weg aus.        Berlin-Friedrichshain – 2017


Smack to the Future

Here’s hastening to point out that Trump’s function as assurance of Clinton’s official ascendancy is not complete until those being polled actually believe that the reason people are voting for her is to prevent his (being/becoming otherwise inevitable).

The “anti-other candidate” is not new, but the process this time around features a blurrier plausibility of just who the protagonist is insofar as maybe the greatest number of voters in history are not even sure who the protagonist is supposed to be.

That is how plausible consent is manufactured:

In a landscape wherein it’s claimed consent has been given, it is plausible that others believe the state of affairs to be consensual, even when they don’t consent to the affairs of state.

Humans receive history in advanced narrative form and, at least, perceive this in the context of probabilities. For some time now, voting American humans in particular have been Dem-splained the inevitability of HXVI, and have been either with her, or against her.

The emergence of Trump in the Republican primary resonated “Ross Perot” strongly enough that the theory of a phony candidacy has been a popular one, nevertheless rejected by anyone wanting to be plausibly serious. As his candidacy has continued, it is not unusual to see people admit that they had entertained the idea that he was a Clinton shill, adding that regardless, he’s obviously gone rogue by now, so the point is moot.

This precisely is the transition in “idea entertaining” that must take place before someone can believe in the plausibility of voting for Clinton under any circumstances: to prevent a megalomaniac who would actually go off script when he gets a whiff of victory. It’s a conundrum, for sure, but who cares? Nobody was ever gonna believe she was elected out of admiration.

Even among the many who wouldn’t vote for either one of them, it is slowly becoming plausible why someone would. Going into election day, they’ll believe the polls, and believe that the narrated probabilities of their own history were plausible all along.

Mühsam means laborious.

Mühsamstraße 34, Berlin-Friedrichshain – 2016

Zorndorfer Straße 15, Berlin-Friedrichshain – 1908

Dass Homeland in Berlin gedreht worden ist?

Dass Homeland in Berlin gedreht worden ist?

Ein Fernsehprogramm kommt noch besser in Deutschland an — ein Programm des dargestellten Realität. Dementsprechend wird das Dargestellten gern gesehen und positiver aufgenommen.

Dass das Dargestellten noch besser in Deutschland ankommt?

Trotz klar Defizite des Dargestellten, was rechtmäßige Vorgehensweisen von Geheimdienste betrifft? Dass vordergründig eine befriedigende aufgelöste Schauspielspannung von fragwürdigen Auffassung gegenüber Interessen eines Volkes abhängt, vom Volk dieser Erde ganz zu schweigen?

Trotz Einsetzung von Menschen die, wie dargestellt, wenn auch einmal in der Lage einen Hauch von Moral erkennen zu können, immer zu Menschenrechtsverletzer und Mörder wird, im Dienst von nicht mehr als hohlen Phrasen, die wiederholt in Drehbücher auftauchen wie bei Politplapperei, tatsächlich im Dienst von einer über dem Gesetzt stehenden Oligarchie — die echte CIA als eine alles in allem notwendige Mittel kontra das Böse auch noch von Deutschglotzern geschluckt wird?

Dass Homeland in Berlin gedreht worden ist, heißt, dass sich die einzige Folgenanalyse dieses Programms in den Metropole-Medien um Umsatz handelt.

Stalinallee, Berlin-Friedrichshain 1960 >cursor over> Karl-Marx-Allee 2016

Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin-Friedrichshain 2016


I see them schlepped away. For no other reason than someone would rather they’re not around. Or worse, by an otherwise indifferent someone in anticipation of someone else’s incapacity for the same. I’m reminded of painting the ground “because the General’s coming”.

Sometimes without the meagrest means, sometimes with tenure, sometimes both, the social order’s screwed get screwed, all the same. I will not offer the slightest smidge of even the most categorically confined support to someone who’d pull such strings.

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Rigaerstraße 19, Berlin-Friedrichshain – 2014 // hover pic: the same in 2016

Rachel’s Wake

Rachel, present last night was an age summed in the thousands. It’s not a slight against anyone to state the irony that you were missed much for the fact that you would have been far & away the easiest to talk to, forever the medicinal anti-angst. As was evident, the way you’d given untold the kindly engagement of your rapt interest spoke of a gift, an exaggeration of whose worth I cannot imagine possible. You must have lived each one of those thousands of years.

Besarinplatz was Baltenplatz in 1906

Besarinplatz 2016