Kam von drüben ab.

Zug trauer Knecht lieb – Petersburger Straße, Berlin-Friedrichshain 1900/2018

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A “Death to the Either/Or” Allusion

I’d really rather write about something else, but gotta go w/ th’flow & mind the_gap. All credit for the title to the scrivener whose namesake’s team I bet’ll finish 9-2 to continue their streak of fifty-win seasons. Irony abounds here (and not just theft of scripted thought, as our purveyor of sed abounding irony (if only by way of KitH (fine ham & all)) can not care for the game adverted & encrypted in this passage, sed game about which I’d preferred this morn to muse). I searched to barren effect for a tag to the title at his place, hence the link to a not inappropriate Appalachian fog’s foto-log.  Hey! Also, too: I do believe this opener qualifies as a bleggalgaze <which abound at th’ link)! Shifting the cryptics, let’s get started, shall we?


A successful propaganda regime will fr’ever have its targets looking exactly where they want them to, which’d be a need-to-know if regarding how & when theirselves are manipulated into thinking a certain way about certain others or, in the aggregate, apparently alternative propaganda regimes. Most unfortunately, I assume (or paradoxically, I reckon), we entities stem from an either/or process of growth into twits whose binary blinders thwart an appreciation of even overt overtones via basic rhetorical suppositions. So it certainly is no surprise that the not necessarily all that clever concealment of client regime activities does not give broad rise to questions that result in anything but jumping on the only other bandwagon that appears available. <Let’s call that an overdue Sundae wink;-)

Respective to the arbitrary boundaries that go a long way toward preventing people from seeing what they have in common while indoctrinating identifieds into thinking that at least one set of enemies of their perceived enemies is friendlier than the latter enemy, Amerigo’s playin’ Americants as much if not more now than it ever has, and the rib-thorn du jour is don’d facile-i-tater. If dude was seen as dangerous by the Home Houses as is presented in the press, they wouldn’t be extending the Authorities of His Office once conceived illegal and neo-continuing cartel blanche behavior that never results in less danger in anyone’s hands, whether in the schools at home or along enhanced firing ranges abroad. You’d think a relationship with an evil Prince was just inked out of thin oil — that roughly Twelve Governments heretofore had not been in lockstep ruinous roid-rage.

Much is accomplished with a length of lexemes & evocative imagery served with Bernays spread liberally between well-heeled slices of bread. The central success of the adverted misinformation industry was in convincing already established industries of its indispensability. Not that there be not overlapping interests to be lapped up; the latest of the latest displays no distinctions. In a sense it’s kind of comforting so many are immunized to the dutifully overdriven, distorted details.


May we accentuate our positive interaction with fellow beings of the world, successfully strive to be aware of and avoid negative interactions with the same, and mitigate any potential- or by default damaging behavior to the environs thereabout. May this Sundae service be sweet.

BLCKCTDRSTP – December 2017

Merely Prayers

That which teases the question of control — whether individual human agency from the bottom up is virtually existent or not in a whirlwind of agglomerated control structures — would be comparable to that which cannot qualify the existence or non-existence of free will. Maybe we peasant purchasers of information are discerning enough not to be duped, steered & controlled, or maybe that’s doubtful. Whatever, virtually all data is dubious until proven otherwise. As the messengers in this drama beggar believability — that is, not just the protagonist & antagonist casts, but the cast itself — it should be instructive that the default bylaws of binary self-governance are at once underpinned and impaired by, remarkably, an intelligent human capacity to believe one can measure and judge the relative trustworthiness of the least trustworthy class in this culture, and trust the spoils of one’s toil to the marginal winner of that competition when in actuality the bedrock of what’s customarily peddled by the Crullers & Crumpet Crumbs of Gluten, and the Clingy Badmintons in Bushes, and Dioramas of Gamey Diamond, and Cee D. Uses & S.P. Dees & “Äh, eff Ds!” and I. Saids & Net ‘n’ Yahoos of this whirlwind begs too much import to be but moot. So what if one of them happens to mouth a truth that works like a salve to soothe your sore sensibilities. Is it remotely relevant to their stage movements?On the other hand, if you’re still a follower at this point, it’s not entirely in vain. Whether appropriate to the original purpose or not, it is apparent that answers are rendered unto the faithful of all beliefs. That itself has meaning.


Merkelei gerahmt

In response to a request that the Chancellor be placed in proper perspective:

Merkel framed in Davos – 2018

In spite of her by now iconic triAngelating hand gesture and her chart-peaking approval of the export of military product, the reported victims of which would make one wonder how such policy could continue (short of it’s really being part of an ongoing racket), it is unfair to implicate her at the top of the pyramid, unless it’s part of the imagination of one’s dreams of personal posterity.

Speakin’ o’… this is as good a tale of Davos ’18 as one’ll read.


Old, you’re up! — Alt is’ euer Opa!

These aged incontinent feed their fat livers sausage & sour cabbage as their still young, former Rothschild Investor calls for equity in all things at the round table. The joke is not lost on Aging Mother, who due to disinterest in the direction of the slopes and difficulty of the climbs can act as if theirs is not a far-removed indulgence of net neutrality where she & her collegial collaborator of an ostensibly vast divergence of bureaucratic bent after all still today are of an age climbing more than marginally faster than their villagers’ respectively reformed, gradually growing ages of retirement. Their foil foments Friday but beforehand bears out as if by default of unquestioned contrast of mental health the wholesomeness of their indigestible diet. This capital cuisine is implied in a posture of a culture currently more welcoming, which counters the monocultural gauche & gaudy golden arches burning both ends of every economy, though no fancy font found in the menu lists the non-negotiable unanimity of fiery fraternal export, getting the goose cooked where the spit turns the other way round.

Diese alten Inkontinenten füttern ihre Fettlebern Würstchen & Sauerkraut während ihr jüngere, ehemalige Rothschild-Investor Gleichberechtigung am runden Tisch bedingt. Der Jux ist Alternder Mutti nicht verborgen geblieben. Dank ihres Desinteresses an der Richtung der Pisten und den Schwierigkeiten der Aufstiege, kann sie so tun, als frönten sie nicht aus weiter Entfernung der Nettoneutralität, wo sie und ihr angeblich vom hochpolitischen Hang abweichende kollegiale Kollaborateur immerhin heute noch unwesentlich schneller altern als das reformierten Rentenalter ihrer jeweiligen Dörfler. Ihr Gegenstück facht Freitag an, bekräftigt aber im voraus — als sei automatisch einer unbestritten Kontrast der geistigen Gesundheit vorhanden — die Bekömmlichkeit ihrer unverträglichen Kost. Diese Kochkunst nimmt die Haltung einer derzeitig stärkeren Willkommenskultur ein und entgegenwirkt dem monokulturellen Gauch & seinen knalligen goldenen Bögen, mit deren Gesundheit weiter jeder Wirtschaft gewüstet wird. Dafür aber listet keine kunstvoll schrille Schriftart auf der Speisekarte das nicht verhandelbare Einvernehmen des feurigen fraternal Exports auf, wo andere erledigt und geliefert sind, wo auch immer der Spieß sich andersrum dreht.


Der Parkbank Pinkler: rückzwanzig

Aus unerkennbarem Grund, ohne Hand zu Fuß. Keinen Spaß macht das Spiel, tut aber kleiner Leid.

—Objet d’Art

Infolge mehrerer persönlich lästiger Unerwünschtheiten pflege ich zur Vermeidung des Weiterleitens meines Leidens eine Zumutungsverweigerung. Die Frage ob sich diese Zurückhaltung von alleine hätte entwickeln können ist begründet. Ferner ist es fair zu fragen ob die Selbstentwicklung schlichtweg als unabhängig vom Zustand zu betrachten ist. Hauptsache ist sie ist sehr laut meines Erlebens wenn gar nicht nützlich nötig ohnehin.

Sofort nach dem Erstauftritt vom ansteckungsvorangehenden Anzeichen sagte ich mir Mann! und versuchte die Unfugstellen geistig aufzuheben. Denn die sonst übersteigende Überlegungen könnten erschwerendes Zerbrechen der Geistesverfassung herbeirufen.

Tiefer denn Brachen anfügend ihre Toten nun
Wächst ‘bisschen langsam, belüge mich
Ob sexelnd Amt empor, was so immer,
Das entzweit die Furcht in Kernkälte.

Irgendwann kam dieses dennoch unfreiwillig dann massig frei durch. Emotional auch kreist ein weites- beziehungsweise Dreidrittelgefüge. Nebenfachlich, wieso fort ich wirkte und las in aber genauso unmittelbar danach kommender Stille und drang erneut. Halbierte Schachzug holt weder auf noch hinweg.

Die Zirkusmesse ist von so’m Zeugs Wellen einher gestellt—
Verschwinde! das erzwungene Tief durch Atmen!
Nach je dem Zirkus misst du bestimmt ab
Wieso spinnen, dennoch stärken, auf taube Ohren versichern?

Was heißt nicht so toll wie beim vorigen Gang?
Es nimmt mehrere Zyklen bis letzteres… fortdauernd.

Der Körper isst in alle meinen Iglus zuhaltend. Daher mindern nicht auch manchmal heteronomische Regungen von allen Zellen regierend. Weniger unbehaglich ist es vielleicht meinen Darm Oberbayern in den Kopf zu spucken. Je nach Stärke der Vergiftung können zuerst Spaaren zu Schwellen scheinbar unerträglich forthindeuten. Wichtig ist nach jeder Welle sofort wieder mit ach Vitaminen zurückzukehren, gegeben also lang, sammelnd sofach, dass der Zugang nicht zu Spüren windet. Denn sehr allmählich öfter und ein Bisschen tiefer getanzt, Abszesse brauchen eine Salbe. Die Wunde kann Abrisse zu anderen Wunden meldend ebenda fordern.




The Quaint American

It’s quaint how many Americans & others who tend to identify with the two US political parties view the investigation into the activities of Donald Trump & his campaign for the Office of the US Presidency as it relates to whether they cooperated with its manipulation by a foreign government as either an unlawful inquisition, the worst witch hunt since Salem or some such, or as crucial to the ongoing existence of the democratic republic since… take your pick.It is almost intriguing how what is routinely seen as the importance of the party designation in the election of a representative or appointment to a post is an affiliation set aside by some based solely on the fact that a special prosecutor happens to be investigating members affiliated with his own party. Of course, there is sound, if still quaint, reasoning behind this: The always good Democrat, who’ll readily admit that Democrats are not always good, says it’s because there exist non-partisan Republicans, which is big of ’em. As proof, there’s the sometimes fair, depending on the weather, Republican who is troubled by facts learned so far and feels like the investigation should continue. Here lies the firm foundation of American democracy! How quaint.

This bipartisan brotherhood brews over into mistrust the moment members don’t behave as their counterpart had hoped. This, too, is rooted in soundness, and is quite quaint. Naturally when someone who’d been friendly to you suddenly smacks you in the face you’re gonna change your opinion of them. But not least of which based on the unpredictability of the actions of others, I say these party affiliations are irrelevant.

I allude here not to the question of the discrepancies between the iterated party ideologies and their actual differences. I rather refer to the irrelevancy of the Biggest Sideshow on Earth. Warning, I’m fixin’ to make the oft fallacious “the same people who…” argument, which as a matter of course should be viewed as question begging. So don’t beg it, that is, don’t take my word for it, but seriously consider whether or not this statement is true: The same people who are salivating at every tidbit coming downwind of Robert Mueller and consequently see him as a man of integrity today would view him as a treasonous party hack the moment he were to complete his investigation without either fingering the president or prosecuting someone in his inner circle. And of course the same people who are currently calling for the president to fire Robert Mueller for abuse of power or whatever will cite in perpetuity his investigation should the president escape scot-free.

Not that every selfsame amateur constitution wonk, who learns of some new arcane statute with every related “actually” tweet from their fave professional DC policy wonk, are not willing to hold that nothing is certain and will admit in advance to whichever special investigator’s being treacherous unless he gets fired first. This is also part of the quaintness quagmire that makes up the self-image of this moment’s American. It constitutes just the latest act in the sideshow.

Every spotlighted actor in this play is a study in treachery, but not of the disloyalty to the quaint American kind. It is a treachery toward whatever potential there is for earthy human decency. But not of the civility & decorum variety, quite the contrary. The most treacherous lay claim to that mantle with the backing of decorous fanfare — a quaint contradiction if there was one, which just might be a clue as to the expedient nature of that civility in all its historic duplicity.

Quaint Americans, much like the ugly ones, are selfish. If it’s found that the current monster in the White House has nada effect on their own real lives, they’ll point out how much they care about the effect it has, or will have, on others. Given the perpetual relativist application of the evidence of such effects depending on the timing of their cause, it’s difficult for me to sympathize.


Note that the list of the greatest threats to American democracy does not include whenever the Americans manipulated or destroyed someone else’s. “Two wrongs don’t make a right” is the quaint logic moving forward, but neither does a second wrong necessarily warrant the most urgent need for correction. This is true when there is wrongdoing of relative ubiquity, particularly so when that ubiquitous wrongness is of the official institutions tasked with the correction of wrong. That’s called institutionalized corruption. There has never been a greater assurance of the end of American democracy than the partisan embracement of those institutions when it suits one’s selective fancy.

“But I can criticize both,” or “We can’t do anything about the other thing,” are a common refrain of the quaint American, often in that the wrong in question lies in the distant past or is beyond the powers of democratic citizens and their apparently expediently powerless representatives charged with confirming those who sit in the institutions.

But the institutional wrongs are quantifiable. They are individual as well as collective actions taken in any of the institutions’ names, or under one or more of their auspices, sometimes in secret. Enough of those secrets have been officially revealed such that any special investigators and prosecutors worth their weight in honor-ability or well-qualified-ness would be able to air the grievances publicly and sentence any & all the wrong doers living & dead.

Before there can be a credible account of the election of 2016, there needs to be a credible account of both of their primaries. Still of greater urgency would be for international cooperation into the investigation of the murderous manipulation and/or overthrow of the Ukraine and Libya most recently, Iraq, Somalia, Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela, and again Libya more recently as well as historically, by all means Russia in the 90s, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and Panama in the ’80s, Chile, Ghana, Zaire, Bolivia, the Congo— hell, just about anywhere in Africa and Latin America that ever attempted autonomous democracy, socialist-ist or otherwise, and throw in Fiji, Grenada, and Jamaica, and Cuba. Naturally Iran, Guatemala, and Indonesia— I know. Pure fantasy, right?

I submit that it is more important to the survival of democracy that those institutions face a reckoning regardless of how temporally afield their transgressions lie. By comparison, the current lawless executive facing even the slightest censure from any one of those same institutions would bolster their credibility of convenience with the quaint American. The removal of the latest symptom will make them happy and might lead to that infamous fanfare, but it ain’t gonna save no democracy.